The Website (hereinafter referred to as “Website” or “online store”), is the official website and online store of the company under the name OMMAVIT PC.

The use of the website and any contractual relationship created by it, is governed by the following terms of use:



These terms of use, including any amendments thereto, are governed by and supplemented, where appropriate, by Greek and European law as well as by relevant international treaties.

The respective visitor of the website / online store, registered or not, (hereinafter referred to as “user”), accepts that by simply browsing the website, he consents to the content of the terms of use that govern its operation, which he states that he has read, understood and accepts, otherwise, in case of disagreement, he is asked not to continue browsing.

The user, in order to complete his registration as a “registered user” or his order as a “regular visitor”, is required to read the terms of use and the privacy policy of the company and to accept them by selecting the relevant checkbox.



Regarding the Privacy Policy and the Use of cookies, the respective user, registered or not, is informed, already upon his first entry on the website with a pop-up window for the use of cookies, and chooses to activate or deactivate them, while at any time can now refer to the full text of the Privacy Policy by selecting the relevant link (Skip to the full text (link) Privacy Policy) to be able to provide or not his consent, when and if required and to remove it at any time or simply to be informed and possibly to exercise his other rights.

In any case, the user who browses the site in order to complete his registration as a “registered user” or his order as a “regular visitor”, is required to read both the terms of use and the privacy policy of the company and to accept them by selecting relevant checkbox.

In some cases, the user may voluntarily, through Communication Frameworks, provide the company with personal data e.g. by sending a message to the relevant e-mail address or by filling in an existing contact form on the website. The user may continue to browse the site without providing the above personal data, as long as it is not necessary to fulfill the action required by the user, or does not make the operation of the software impossible (eg sending a message to the contact form without entering an Email Address, completing a purchase without completing shipping details, etc.). In this case the user may not have access to all the features of the site. However, if he completes them, and if there is no other legal basis for processing, he is considered to explicitly consent to the processing of the personal data provided, in order to fulfill the purposes and under the conditions stated in the full text of the Privacy Policy.

In any case, any messages of the Users but also any messages to Users are completely confidential and exclusively for the use of the person, to whom everyone addresses and who requested the communication. No part of them may be reproduced, adapted, copied or transmitted without the written permission of the owner. Unauthorized publication, use, dissemination, sending, printing or copying of any message by an invalid recipient and its associated attachments is strictly prohibited.


Website Content

The data, contained in the Website / online store, are primarily informative in nature and are intended to inform and facilitate the user, who can make the purchase of the offered products through the online store, while at the same time it can be both via e-mail and fill in the existing contact form on the website as well as by phone, to be further informed.

The information provided through the website / online store about the products available, namely names, manufacturer name, features, technical specifications, quality features, prices, etc. are accurate, true and complete.

The photos related to the products are indicative and may due to lighting, viewing angle and other conditions show deviations e.g. in coloring. The company makes sure that the photos are not misleading but due to their indicative nature, the user must check the characteristics of each product he is interested in buying.

The copyright on the photos, which are posted on the website, sometimes belongs to the owner of the business and sometimes to third parties, e.g. manufacturers of products, in which case they are used by the company legally in the framework of a license agreement between us for advertising purposes. The use of the relevant photos by the user and any third party, for commercial or professional purposes, without prior permission is expressly prohibited.

The availability of the products is indicative, and does not bind the company, which informs the user of any deficiencies in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 hereof.


User Registration

The user, if he wishes to place an order, can (optionally) first follow the registration process in the online store, entering in the “Account Details” tab, username (username / display name), password and other necessary personal information, namely name and surname and in the tab “Address”, billing address and shipping address (Name, Surname, Country, City, street, number, postal code, telephone, e-mail),

the elaboration of which is sometimes based on the pre-contractual or contractual relationship between us and sometimes on the legal interest. Alternatively, he can continue to browse as a visitor and complete any order by then entering the necessary invoicing information (eg First Name, Last Name, Last Name, Tax Identification Number, Tax Identification Number) and delivery (Address , Telephone, e-mail).

The registered user password is encrypted using the one-way, non-reversible encryption (SHA-1)) method ,

and is stored in the database, not in pure but encrypted form. Each time the user enters his password, once identified, compared to the encrypted character set stored in the database, he is recognized by the online store and his relevant personal information is recalled.

The user can change the password, which he has entered for security reasons or reset if he has forgotten it.

The registered user can pre-fill in his card, the billing address and the shipping address, so that they are received automatically and to facilitate his future purchases. While every time he logs in to the site he can check his previous orders and modify his account details.


Ordering process

The registered user or visitor chooses the products that interest him among those available through the online store. When selecting products and after selecting any additional features, wherever required (eg color, letter, etc.), the total value of each product is displayed, depending on the desired quantity, the total of the selected products but also the value added tax (VAT).

The user then chooses from the available payment methods provided for in paragraph 6 hereof.

The registered user, if he wishes to send the products to different details but also in each case the visiting user is invited to declare the shipping details. The information must be true, complete and accurate. The company is not responsible for delivery to the wrong address, if it is the one, which was declared by the user but also non-delivery of the order in case no real address has been declared or the person designated as the recipient of the order is non-existent at the specific address.

Upon receipt of the order, the user must check if they are all the items he has ordered. In case of shipment of non-ordered products, their non-refusal or non-refund of their return and the indifference of the customer, if the company requests a refund at its own shipping costs, constitutes a declaration of intent to purchase the items. The above products are considered sold to the customer who must pay their value without delay.


Order payment

The user / customer can pay the sale price and the other agreed charges either by choosing the method of cash on delivery or by online payment using a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) in the safe environment of the National Bank or Viva Wallet, or by deposit in the bank account of the company.

Transactions with a net value of more than € 500.00 are not allowed to be made in cash, therefore it is not possible to choose in this case of cash on delivery.

All product prices are in euros and include the value added tax (VAT).

Online store prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

If cash on delivery is chosen as the method of payment, the customer must pay the amount due, including cash on delivery costs, to the authorized distributor at the time of delivery of the goods sold at the place of delivery stated in the order.

In case the user chooses to pay for his order through online payment, he must fill in his card details in order to complete the payment and the order. The online card payment service is supported by Alpha Bank and Viva Wallet. For the safety of the users, the Website was built and operates according to strict security standards such as SSL Validation, however, transactions are secured primarily on the basis of the protocols and security systems used by Alpha Bank and Viva Wallet, as depending on the user, the environment in which the transaction data is entered belongs to the respective credit institution / payment provider data are collected directly from it without our intervention in a secure environment, where they are subject to an encryption process before sending them, so that they are not readable by third parties.
In addition, the company has no access to debit card details (eg number, expiration date, CV2) and therefore no responsibility for their leakage or complication in the process. Even the company is not responsible in case the network or the user’s computer has fallen victim to malicious action, which can even lead to the interception of card details.

In case of payment through Alpha Bank or Viva wallet, the user agrees and accepts that it is subject to the terms and conditions of operation of the specific online payment provider. The company is not responsible for the policy and operation of Alpha Bank and Viva Payment. In the event that money is returned to the user through a third party payment provider (for example credit cards) it may be charged a fee to be charged by that third party provider based on its terms of use and operation, for which the company is not responsible.

The customer can pay the price of the sale and the other agreed charges at the following bank numbers

GR00 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

In each deposit, the number of the order and the name of the user/customer should be filled in as justification. The company is not bound and is not obliged to execute the order before informing it of the completion of the deposit. It is recommended to send the proof of payment by e-mail for the immediate routing of the order. The user / customer is solely responsible for the correct recording of both the account number and the other transaction details and the business bears no responsibility in case of error. The bank charges in case of simple deposit or remittance (for both banks) are borne entirely by the customer


Order receipt confirmation

Each order of the user is followed by an automated e-mail of the company, which includes the confirmation of the receipt of the order and repeats its content. The relevant e-mail constitutes a simple confirmation of receipt of the order, which is a proposal for the execution of a contract between us with specific content and their content and in no way constitutes acceptance of the order or conclusion of terms of sale.

No modification of the order or a new agreement on it shall be accepted unless it is printed in writing and accepted by both sides. The confirmation of receipt of the order can also be done by telephone, if the customer consents and in case one or more items are not immediately available, in which case an agreement is required for the delivery time.


Acceptance of Order – Sales Training

After receiving the order and confirming its receipt, if the company ascertains the availability of the item, by new e-mail, it will confirm the acceptance of the order, its content, the preparation of the sale and the expected delivery time, so that only then the sale is considered to have been drafted and gives rise to claims on both sides.

The shipment of the order from the user to the company is a statement of acceptance and consent for all the charges that are included in the order and therefore the customer is not entitled to their return.



Shipping – Order Transfer

The transportation of the products is done exclusively through a cooperating courier company (ELTA company). The shipment of the sold, within Greece, is free of charge to the customer, regardless of the size of the deliverables, if the total price of the order exceeds the amount of 50 €. For all orders worth less than 50€ within the territory and for every order to Cyprus regardless of the amount, the customer is charged with the cost of transportation.

In case the transportation cost is not covered by the company, this is 3.00 euros for the whole country and 10.00 euros for Cyprus.

The delivery time is indicative depends on the place of destination, while it can be adjusted in view of special circumstances. The indicative delivery time, as defined by the cooperating courier company, is the following:


Athens-Thessaloniki: 1-2 working days

Rest of Greece: 1-3 working days

Inaccessible areas: 1-5 working days

Cyprus: 5-7 working days

Any change in the relevant time does not give rise to any claim against the company.

The indication of the product on the document issued by the company (invoice or retail sales receipt) that accompanies it and the issuance of the relevant voucher by the courier company, constitute proof of delivery of the product to it.


The courier company ACS attempts up to two attempts to deliver your order to the address you have registered. If the shipping attempt fails, you are informed by the courier company by note or SMS, which includes your shipping number, in order to contact them and schedule a re-delivery. In case you encounter a problem with the receipt of your order you can contact us in order to resolve the problem for you.


If you wish to receive your order from the ACS store, when submitting it, in the Address field, you note “receipt from the store”.

The parcel will remain in the courier company’s store for up to 10 working days.



The consumer has the right to withdraw, within 14 days, from the contract concluded between us (by completing and sending to the company this form), provided that it is concluded and executed throughout the distance.

In case of withdrawal, the consumer must within 14 days return the goods delivered to him, incurrence of the shipping costs. The return of the item is accepted only if the customer has first paid any amount borne by the company for the shipment of the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item.

The company in principle undertakes to return the price of the order, which may have already received, within 14 days, provided that the products have already been returned to it, and does not retain any claim due to alteration or damage or for any other reason.

In case of payment by credit card, if until the withdrawal and return of the item, the price has been paid to the company by the Bank, the company will be obliged to inform the Bank of the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will proceed to any transaction provided for on the basis of the contract it has drawn up with the customer. The company, following this information, bears no responsibility for the time and manner of execution of the reversal.

The possibility of withdrawal referred to in paragraph 1 shall not apply to customers who do not have the status of consumer, to contracts that have not been concluded and have been performed entirely at a distance distance but in any case even for distance contracts concluded with consumers, for products purchased on a specialized order in accordance with the customer’s specifications (specific characteristics on demand) or for products which may deteriorate or expire soon, or products which are not suitable for return, for reasons of health protection or for hygiene reasons (e.g. earrings), and which have been unsealed after delivery and on any product used or altered, and so on.

In the event that the products are returned damaged or incomplete, the company has the right to request compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and to proceed unilaterally and without further ado to a total or partial offsetting of this claim against the customer.


Product Defects – Legal / Legal Guarantee

The user – customer is entitled to exercise within a reasonable time, his legal rights due to defective product. More specifically, every buyer, regardless of his status as a consumer, has all the rights deriving from the sales contract under the Civil Code, Articles 534 et seq. AK. In addition, if the customer has the status of a consumer, the legal guarantee is specified and supplemented by article 5 of Law 2251/1994.

The company is obliged to deliver the thing with the agreed properties and without any real defects.

It is not the fault of the undertaking if, at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the customer knew that the thing does not correspond to the contract.

If the customer receives a defective product or a product from which agreed properties are absent (as they are listed on the website or on the product label), he may divorce himself to request repair or replacement, unless this is impossible or entails disproportionate costs, a price reduction or even withdraw from the contract by requesting a full refund of the money paid and returning the product, except in the case of a minor defect. The company may propose to the customer, by way of settlement, any available remedy, i.e. repair or replacement. It is up to the customer to decide whether to accept or reject the proposal.However, the company in any case reserves the right to claim and prove that the form of redress chosen by the customer entails excessively high costs for it and is therefore disproportionate, taking into account the following factors: (a) the value that the product would have if there was no lack of conformity, (b) the importance of the lack of conformity, and (c) whether the alternative remedy could be carried out without significant inconvenience to the customer.

The obligation for redress begins on the day of delivery of the product and is valid for a reasonable period of time, based on the shelf life of the product, which however cannot exceed 2 years.

In case of a real defect or a perceived lack of agreed property due to the fault of the company, for products purchased from our online store, returns are made exclusively to the headquarters of the company, Delphi 208

In order for a return to be accepted, the product must be in the condition in which it was received, must not have been used, it must be complete with its original packaging intact and the correct conditions of preservation must have been maintained. The returned products must be accompanied with the Retail Receipt/ Sales Invoice.


User Liability

The user, when browsing the website, must comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and refrain from any illegal and abusive behavior.

More specifically, in cases where and if the website gives, the ability to the registered or simple user, to publish or send by personal message, any information, audiovisual material, text, link to another website (link) or generally a file readable – executable by a computer, their content is solely the responsibility of the user himself who sent or published. In any case, the content of the above mentioned data is prohibited from being illegal, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, libelous, disturbing, harmful to minors or to express national, racial or other discrimination, to violate the intellectual or other proprietary rights of third parties, including trademarks and secrets as well as patents, to include any virus, harmful software or code (malware), unsolicited promotional material (pop-up) and spam, which can cause either temporary or permanent damage/malfunction in any hardware or software of a computer or smart or non-electronic devices or delays, interferences and interruptions in the functions of the servers or any telecommunications network, to contain a false statement as to the person of the user or imitation of any person (natural or legal), to contain false, inaccurate or deliberate incomplete information as to the person, the status, personal data and reason for visiting the website of the specific user.

In the event that any third party takes legal action against the company, for insulting any of its legal objects, for an act which falls under the provisions of the text of the terms of use in the scope of the user’s responsibility, the company reserves the right to take action against that user. Together with any claims of the third party, the company reserves the right to claim compensation from the user for breach of terms of use and for any legal consequence arising from it.


Limitation of Liability

The company fully complies with the provisions of the Civil Code regarding the sale as well as the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection, as amended and in force and is committed to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information listed in the online store, as far as its identity and the characteristics of the products provided through the e-shop are concerned. However, in the context of good faith, the undertaking reserves and is not responsible for any entries of data and data made by error, error or due to force majeure in the common experience and is entitled to correct them whenever their existence is established.

The company does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store and does not have any responsibility for it. It informs, based on the data kept, about the availability or not of the interested customer and undertakes, in case of change of these data, to notify him in time.

For reasons not related to the business and in particular because of the nature of the electronic communications procedures, problems may arise on the Website (e.g. indicatively disturbances, delays, errors, omissions or ios) in the way certain pages, categories, operation of applications, etc., for which the company bears no responsibility, since it has shown every possible diligence to prevent them and therefore does not have to compensate any damage that will be brought about by them to the user.

In no case is the company liable civilly or criminally for any damage (positive or consequential) that may be suffered by a visitor of the e-shop or a third party from a cause related to the operation or not, and / or the use of the website, and / or the inability to provide products, and / or information that, and / or with any unauthorized interventions of third parties.


Hyperlinks to third-party web pages

The User accepts that the website may include links and/or hyperlinks to the websites of third parties of natural or legal persons, with whom the company has no relationship and bears no responsibility for their general content and operation. In particular, each of the websites linked to the Website is governed by their own terms of use, of which the User must be aware before browsing them. The User accepts that the person in charge of the Website does not control and is not responsible for any of these third-party websites or for their content and bears no responsibility for the terms of use of such third-party websites. In case the user visits third party websites through links and hyperlinks of the Website,it is recommended, before browsing them, to be informed about the terms of use and the policy for the protection of their personal data.


The entire content of the Website is an original creation, i.e. the object of intellectual or industrial property rights of the company or third parties contractually related to it, from whom a relevant license has been obtained exclusively for the needs and operation of this e-shop. Indicatively, the content of the Website is the photographs, graphics, files, logos, trademarks, distinctive features, software, texts, etc. The material on the Website may not be modified, reproduced, published, executed or used for any public or commercial purpose without express written permission from the competent provider of the content or material, including links to third parties.

The User does not have the right to proceed to any form of commercial or financial exploitation of all or part of the content of the Website. Only personal, non-commercial and non-economically exploitable use is permissible.

Material that, according to the above, belongs to third-party customers or partners of the company (e.g. logos of cooperating companies, photographs, etc.), is posted by the manager only with their consent.


The User accepts that the Website may be changed both during its structure and in its content, at the free discretion of the business and without prior notice to the public.

The company reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time and without justification, while amendments are taken into account only if they are formulated in writing and incorporated in this text.

In the event that total or partial invalidity or inability to apply individual terms occurs, the validity of all the remaining terms is not affected.

The User accepts that each time with his/her browsing alone he/she has been informed of possible modifications of the operation of the Website as well as of possible corresponding modifications of the relevant terms. Therefore, users are advised to check the content of these terms from time to time.


Alternative Dispute Resolution jurisdiction – Applicable Law

Any consumer dispute that may arise from browsing and using the website, can be resolved electronically and without your recourse to a court, by the alternative dispute resolution procedure, as provided for by JMD 70330/2015, which harmonized directive 2013/11/EC in Greek legislation.

In this case, you should contact the e-mail address ( and follow the instructions provided there. We would like to inform you that the dispute resolution bodies approved by our country that may resolve the dispute that may arise are the Independent Authority “The Consumer Ombudsman” ( and “the Mediator of Banking Investment Services” (

Jurisdiction – Applicable Law

For any dispute that may arise regarding the operation and use of the website or in the context of contractual relations created through it, if it is not possible to settle it by mutual consent, the Courts of Thessaloniki are competent. For any dispute regarding the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions as well as for any other matter relating to the use of this website, Greek Law shall apply.


For any clarification and question regarding the Terms of Use or the Personal Data Protection Policy, you can contact us at: 231 033 4670 or at the e-mail address:

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